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I’m thrilled to be a representative of the new Whitetail Society. Originally from Wisconsin, my passion for big game hunting began with whitetails. They’re the number one hunted big game species in our nation and therefore hold an important key to preserving our lifestyle and hunting heritage for future generations. Every state has it’s own complex issues with whitetails ranging from over/under populations to disease and predation and I’m happy to know there are groups like the Whitetail Society putting dollars to work for this monarch of a species.

LARRY WEISHUHN (Mr. Whitetail)

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Those of us so fortunate to have enjoyed the bounty of the whitetail deer during the late 20th century and early 21st century, have experienced the “Golden Age of Whitetail”. It is our duty as hunter/conservationists to insure those who follow will see no less! Diseases, habitat destruction and the ill-informed non-hunting public threaten the well being of the the future of the whitetail. We cannot allow this to happen! Please join me and the many other hunter/conservationists in becoming a member of the Whitetail Society and do YOUR part so the whitetail deer continues to flourish!

Justin Olk

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Hunting is a great privilege that many of us enjoy but along with that privilege comes great responsibility. It is our responsibility as hunters and conservationists to protect and properly manage the overall health & habitat of our most favorite quarry, the Whitetail deer. Whitetail Society is dedicated to doing just that and I’m extremely proud to be a part of it.